“Queer Korean Studies” presentation at AAS 2016

I was cleaning up some files and thought I’d share this here. It’s from the “Spring Forward, Fall Back?: Progress and Challenges in Korean Gender Studies” panel organized by Hyaeweol Choi (Australian National University) at the Association for Asian Studies (AAS) meeting in Seattle nearly a year ago on April 2, 2016. I presented some comments (and stories) about queer politics.… more

Gender and Politics in Contemporary Korea, Journal of Korean Studies 19:2

At last, the special thematic issue on gender and politics in contemporary Korea I co-edited with Jennifer Jihye Chun has been published by the Journal of Korean Studies! “In this thematic issue on gender and politics in contemporary Korea, we broaden both our historical view and geographical reach… By featuring articles that examine the complex workings of gender and power in multiple sites and at multiple levels of analysis, this issue shows how gender is intimately bound with inequalities, not only between women and men but also in all social relations concerning class, sexuality, ethnicity, race, migration, and the nation.”… more