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In Progress

  Han, JHJ. Book manuscript. Reaching for the World: a Postcolonial Geography of Missionary Aspirations (working title, often changing)

Based on my PhD and ongoing research on Korean/American evangelical missionaries engaged in proselytizing projects in China, East Africa, and in indigenous communities in North America, this book is a queer geographer’s critique of a world of political theologians, mission strategists, and short-term volunteers. I am centrally concerned with how people travel and experience the world and how the missionary mobility regimes animate “difference thinking”—ethnic, racial, cultural, national, linguistic, and sexual difference that undergird development, humanitarian, and evangelical missionary projects.

  Han, JHJ. “How pink turned red: queer activism and evangelical geopolitics in South Korea.” Journal article in preparation.

  Han, JHJ. “From borderland to fatherland: Evangelical geopolitical imaginaries of Northeast China.” Journal article in preparation.

  Han, JHJ and Chun, JJ. “Protesting Publics in South Korea.” Journal article in preparation.

  Han, JHJ. “Theorizing space, time, and distance in flux.” Article in preparation.

Han, JHJ. “Missionary labor and affective encounters.” Article in preparation.

“In the Pipeline”

(in the order of anticipated publication)

  Han, JHJ. Forthcoming in 2016. “Queer Activism and Religious Homophobia: Notes from Seoul, South Korea.” Scholar and Feminist Online.

  Han, JHJ. “Shifting Geographies of Proximity: Korean-led Evangelical Christian Missions and the US Empire.” Invited book chapter forthcoming in Ethnographies of Empire, edited by Carole McGranahan and John Collins. Duke University Press.

Selected Publications

  Han, JHJ. 2016. “The Politics of Homophobia in South Korea.” East Asia Forum Quarterly 8 (2): 6-7. Link

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  Chun, Jennifer Jihye and Han, JHJ. 2015. “Language Travels and Global Aspirations of Korean Youth.” positions: asia critique 23 (3): 565-593. Link

  Han, JHJ. 2015. “Our Past, Your Future: Evangelical Missionaries and the Script of Prosperity.” In Territories of Poverty: Rethinking North and South, edited by Ananya Roy and Emma Shaw Crane, 178–94. Athens, GA: University of Georgia Press. Link

  Han, JHJ. 2015. “Urban Megachurches and Contentious Religious Politics in Seoul.” In Handbook of Religion and the Asian City: Aspiration and Urbanization in the Twenty-First Century, edited by Peter Van der Veer, 133–51. Berkeley: University of California Press. Link

  Han, JHJ and Chun, Jennifer Jihye. 2014. “Introduction: gender and politics in contemporary Korea.” Journal of Korean Studies 19 (2): 245-255. Link

  Na, Tari Young-Jung. Translation by JHJ Han and Se-Woong Koo. 2014. “The South Korean Gender System: LGBTI in the Contexts of Family, Legal Identity, and the Military.” Journal of Korean Studies 19 (2): 357-377. Link

  Han, JHJ. 2013. “Beyond safe haven: a Critique of Christian custody of North Koreans in China.” Critical Asian Studies 45 (4): 533-560. PDF  PDF.

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  Han, JHJ. 2011. ” ‘If you don’t work, you don’t eat’: Evangelizing development in Africa.” In New Millennium South Korea: Neoliberal Capital and Transnational Movements, edited by Jesook Song. London: Routledge. PDF  PDF, 1.4 MB (From Academia.edu)

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