At UCLA, I teach classes on a range of topics that fall under gender and sexuality studies and Korean studies.

  • Gender Studies 102. POWER – Gender, Travel, and Mobilities (Undergraduate, Winter 2020)
  • Gender Studies 187. Senior Research Seminar – Gender and the Graphic Memoir (Undergraduate, Winter 2020)
  • Gender Studies 131. Feminist Politics in Korea and the Korean diaspora (Undergraduate, Spring 2020)
  • Gender Studies 204. Research Design and Professional Development (Graduate, Spring 2019)
  • Gender Studies 205. Cultural Geography (Graduate, Spring 2020)

Previously at the University of Toronto, I taught social/cultural geography courses on travel, mobilities, and religion.

Courses previously taught at the University of Toronto

  • GGRC56: Spaces of travel
  • GGRB55: Geographies of religion and secularism
  • GGRB55: Cultural geography
  • GGRB03: Writing geography
  • GGR1706H: Geographies of religion and secularism
  • GGR1811H: Troubling militarism: Space, affect, economy

To book appointments to meet with me in office hours, please use calendly.com/judyhan.