Teaching & Mentoring

At UCLA, I teach classes on a range of topics that fall under gender and sexuality studies and Korean studies. I supervise several Gender Studies PhD students and serve on MA and doctoral committees of graduate students in Asian Languages and Cultures, Urban Planning, etc. as well as mentoring and advising Mellon Mays Undergraduate Fellows, recipients of Undergraduate Research Fellowships, and Global Studies students working on their senior thesis projects.

If you’re a student at UCLA and interested in working with me, the best way is to take one of my classes so we can get to know each other. I very rarely take on honors or thesis students I do not already know. Email me at judyhan AT ucla DOT edu and tell me a little about yourself and your research interests and we’ll try to schedule a time to meet.

The dates below indicate either the last time it was taught or the next time I plan to teach it.

  • Gender Studies 102. Power / Mobilities
    (Undergraduate, Fall 2023)
  • Gender Studies 187. Senior Research Seminar (Undergraduate Capstone, Spring 2024)
  • Gender Studies 131. Feminist Politics in Korea and the Korean diaspora (Undergraduate, Spring 2023)
  • Gender Studies 153. Gender and Comics
    (Undergraduate, Spring 2024)
  • Gender Studies 204. Research Design and Professional Development (Graduate, Spring 2022)
  • Gender Studies 205. Cultural Geography / various themes (Graduate, Spring 2020)

Previously at the University of Toronto, I taught social/cultural geography courses on travel, mobilities, militarism, and religion including Spaces of travel; Geographies of religion and secularism; Cultural geography; Writing geography; Geographies of religion and secularism (grad seminar); and Troubling militarism: Space, affect, economy (grad seminar).