[CFP] Archives, Archival Practice, and the Writing of History in Premodern Korea

Workshop with funding available from the Center for Korean Research at Columbia University. By addressing topics such as the formation and use of archives, the role of archives in shaping knowledge culture, and the archival dilemmas scholars encounter, the workshop invites a vital conversation about how histories of the archive might reshape stories written from the archives in premodern Korea.… more

[CFP] The Queer Commons

This special issue asks whether or not it is possible therefore to theorise a queer commons, and – if it is – what it might look like within social, political and cultural practice. Can a queer commons be found across historical periods in, for example, various sexually dissident communities; from drag queen communes to anarcho-queer punk collectives?… more

[CFP] Intersections of Science, Language, and Literature in Modern and Premodern Korea

Very interesting workshop CFP, due July 1, 2016. Submissions will be considered for publication in a 2018 special issue of the Journal of Korean Studies. The workshop “proposes to examine the intersection of science, language, and literature and expand this inquiry across periods, disciplines, and media, examining representations of science and scientific data in materials including but not limited to premodern archival materials, science textbooks, literature, popular science journals, general interest periodicals, and science fiction.”… more

CFP: Making sense of place, ISA Yokohama, July 2014

CFP: Place can be understood as a type of situated affect or feeling, a mode of active, sensory engagement. By making sense of place we shape how we dwell in the built and natural environment,how we understand and appreciate its sounds, sights, textures, flavors, and scents. By making sense of place we orient ourselves to speeds and rhythms, as well as to movement, rest, and encounter…… more

CFP: Gender and Politics in Contemporary Korea

Jennifer Jihye Chun and I are co-editing a special issue for Journal of Korean Studies on the topic of Gender and Politics in Contemporary Korea. Deadline is August 1, 2013. Taking as a starting point that gender operates as a fundamental organizing principle in various arenas of social, political, economic, religious, and cultural life, this special issue invites cross-disciplinary approaches from scholars working at the intersection of Korean studies, feminist studies and the social sciences. … more