Religion, Protest and Social Upheaval Conference at the College of the Holy Cross

Dr. Tatsiong Benny Liew and the McFarland Center for Religion, Ethics and Culture at the College of the Holy Cross has convened a great conference on “Religion, Protest and Social Upheaval” this week (November 15-17, 2017). I’ll be presenting a paper titled “Between Dissent and Heresy: Queer Politics in Korea,” discussing events that have led up to the preposterous recent charge by a major Korean Presbyterian denomination that affirming queer sexualities and nonconforming gender identities constitute heresy.… more

CFP: critical geographies of religion, AAG 2014

Interesting CFP. Geographers have developed a strong interest in religion and religiosity in recent years as they have come to acknowledge the centrality of faith, religion and belief to people’s identities, ways of life, and spatial practices. In approaching geographies of religions from a critical perspective, scholars are concerned not only with patterns of religious practice and belief, but also with the ways that religious discourses, institutions, and practices mediate social relationships and are woven into the exercise of power and authority at multiple scales…… more

한겨레: 정치인들은 왜 ‘영남 불교도’와 ‘강남 크리스천’에 쩔쩔매는가

Kang In-cheol, the renowned scholar of religion and politics in Korea has just published the latest of his 5-volume series. Certainly a must read for any student of contemporary religion in Korea.… more