[CFP] Detours: A Decolonial Guide to Korea

I’m excited to announce that I’ll be co-editing Detours: A Decolonial Guide to Korea, a volume in the “Detours” series of alternative guide books. It’s a public-facing project that centers interdisciplinary, creative, and demilitarist feminist approaches, with aims to defamiliarize the ways in which Korea is popularly depicted by and consumed through a global tourist gaze.… more

CFP: critical geographies of religion, AAG 2014

Interesting CFP. Geographers have developed a strong interest in religion and religiosity in recent years as they have come to acknowledge the centrality of faith, religion and belief to people’s identities, ways of life, and spatial practices. In approaching geographies of religions from a critical perspective, scholars are concerned not only with patterns of religious practice and belief, but also with the ways that religious discourses, institutions, and practices mediate social relationships and are woven into the exercise of power and authority at multiple scales…… more

CFP: Making sense of place, ISA Yokohama, July 2014

CFP: Place can be understood as a type of situated affect or feeling, a mode of active, sensory engagement. By making sense of place we shape how we dwell in the built and natural environment,how we understand and appreciate its sounds, sights, textures, flavors, and scents. By making sense of place we orient ourselves to speeds and rhythms, as well as to movement, rest, and encounter…… more

AAG brought to you by the CIA…

Here’s a disturbing reminder of the imperial legacy of the discipline of geography. Today’s “AAG SmartBrief” email from the Association of American Geographers was sponsored by none other than the Central Intelligence Agency. Interestingly, the email header image had fragments of Korean (“can do”) and Chinese (and what looks to me like Arabic?) with the headline, “Be a CIA Open Source Analyst.”