[Postdoc] Soon Young Kim Postdoctoral Fellowship, Harvard University

Soon Young Kim Postdoctoral Fellowships

The Soon Young Kim Post-Doctoral Fellowship in Korean Studies at the Korea Institute, Harvard University

Date of Deadline: (An Email Receipt Deadline) – Thursday, January 3, 2019 – 5:00pm EST

This application is for those in the field of KOREAN STUDIES only.

The Soon Young Kim Post-Doctoral Fellowship in Korean Studies is open to scholars from all fields of study in Korean Studies.  However, preference may be given to scholars working on the history of Korean business, the history of Korean science and technology, the history of Korean military or the environmental history of Korea.

The Fellowship Grant:  The fellowship will cover up to a 12-month period between August 1, 2019 and July 31, 2020, and will carry a stipend of $50,000 (with an understanding that the fellowship recipient shall purchase her/his own health insurance.) The recipient will have the option to purchase health insurance from Harvard’s affiliate insurance program should s/he choose. (http://hushp.harvard.edu/rates-plan-dates#Affiliate) The postdoctoral fellow will be provided shared office space and access to the libraries and resources of Harvard University, and will be invited to participate in the academic life of the Korea Institute and appropriate academic department/s.

The Fellow will be required to:

  1. reside in the Cambridge/Boston area during the appointment and to work on revising his or her dissertation for publication.
  2. participate actively in related activities of Harvard, the Korea Institute and the Korean Studies community.
  3. (may) teach or collaborate on one, one-semester class for undergraduates.
  4. give a public presentation at the Korea Colloquium or Kim Koo Forum seminar series.

Eligibility: Applicants must have received their Ph.D. degree within five years of the postdoctoral appointment year (i.e. in 2014 or later).  The applicant who is offered a fellowship must have fully completed all requirements for the Ph.D. degree by July 1, 2019.

Application Deadline: Applications must be received by the Korea Institute by Thursday, January 3, 2019, 5:00pm EST

Applicants may either email one COMPLETE, COLLATED, SINGLE PDF file to cglover@fas.harvard.edu or send the complete file via WE TRANSFER  (https://www.wetransfer.com/) a free file transfer platform) to cglover@fas.harvard.edu.  In the Subject line when sending an email, please put KI SYK APP & Applicant Name.

 A complete application should consist of all of the following items, in the order listed below:

  •  Summary sheet: On a separate sheet entitled Soon Young Kim Postdoctoral Fellowship, please provide the following information, re-typing each question in this order:
    1.    Name & Emails & Phone (First Name, LAST NAME, your Email address(es) & a  cell phone number)
    2.    University & Dept. (of Ph.D.)
    3.    Field of Study
    4.    Thesis title
    5.    Date Ph.D. received (or, if pending, give specific timeline)
    6.    Names of 2 recommenders
    7.    Short summary (c. 40 words) of research plan at Harvard; what will you do at Harvard
    8.    Brief Statement of Teaching Interests
    9.    Do you have a continuing teaching position? If yes, where?  If teaching, have you obtained approval from your dept. to accept a postdoctoral position (if received) for 2018-2019? If no, current affiliation?
    10.   Have you previously applied for a Harvard postdoctoral fellowship? If yes, when?
    11.   Are you currently applying for other postdoctoral fellowships? If so, which/where?
    12.   Have you ever had a Harvard ID previously? If yes, please provide the HUID number.
  • Cover Letter 
  • Curriculum vitae (please include *citizenship*, current and permanent addresses, telephone number/s, email address(es); academic degrees with  dates of conferral, discipline and institution) 
  •  Dissertation abstract and table of contents (up to 3 pages) 
  •  Plan of research (up to 2 pages) 
  • Submit a Writing Sample-Include either a Dissertation Chapter in English & less than 40 pages, double-spaced OR a Journal Article in English & Published within the last two years
  • One course proposal (for undergraduate students)  We particularly welcome course proposals on original topics with innovative teaching approaches.
  • Official transcript of grades Please OPEN your official transcript to scan, as part of your complete application. 
  • Two letters of recommendation The KI will only accept emailed letters of recommendation directly sent by the recommenders by the deadline.
  • Please indicate that this letter of recommendation is for the Soon Young Kim Postdoc. Email directly to:cglover@fas.harvard.edu

Completed applications should be emailed to Catherine Glover, cglover@fas.harvard.edu by the receipt deadline Thursday, January 3, 2019, 5:00pm EST.

This application is for those in the field of KOREAN STUDIES only.

The Korea Institute acknowledges the generous and thoughtful support of Dr. Dong-Won Kim, whose vision for the Soon Young Kim Postdoctoral Fellowship in Korean Studies is to provide the opportunity to advance new scholarly horizons in Korean Studies via research and innovative teaching on original topics.

Harvard is an Affirmative Action/Equal Opportunity Employer. Applications from women and minority candidates are strongly encouraged.

Korea Institute, Harvard University, CGIS South Room S241, 1730 Cambridge Street, Cambridge, MA 02138 USA.