Inner suburbs at stake: Investing in Scarborough’s communities

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Scarborough Civic Centre Council Chambers
150 Borough Drive
Scarborough, ON

Inner suburbs

Toronto is a divided city. Social polarization and spatial segregation are clearly visible in the landscape, and our inner suburbs are home to more and more concentrated and racialized poverty. Investment in these suburbs is a key part of the solution, and yet its future is in question. How can we enhance investment in Scarborough when budgets everywhere are being cut? How do we unite across different issues and diverse communities? This forum provides an opportunity for community members to come together to learn from research about the big picture of urban change, and to take action for the future of Scarborough’s communities.Moderator: Israt Ahmed


  1. David Hulchanski, Cities Centre, University of Toronto offers thoughts on the broad picture of urban change, the three cities and implications for ‘City 3’
  2. Deborah Cowen, Department of Geography, University of Toronto offers thoughts on the meaning of ‘social infrastructure’ and the importance of investment in Scarborough
  3. Chris Brillinger, Director Social Policy, Analysis and Research, City of Toronto offers thoughts on the City’s role in building social infrastructure and what is presently at stake
  4. Samantha Brookes, Warden Woods Community Centre offers thoughts about social infrastructure ‘on the ground’ and everyday challenges
  5. Jonah Schein, Commitment to Community Campaign, offers thoughts on how communities are organizing across the City and how residents can get involved
  6. Regini David, West Scarborough Community Legal Clinic, offers thoughts opportunities for organizing in Scarborough

Snacks, refreshments and TTC tokens provided