Asians in Africa: Afro-Asian Solidarity Revisited, Morocco

Asians in Africa: Afro-Asian Solidarity Revisited

Location: Morocco
Date Submitted: 2011-09-05
Announcement ID: 187664

Panel on: Asians in Africa: Afro-Asian Solidarity Revisited
XIIIth CODESRIA General Assembly: Africa and the Challenges of the Twenty First Century
Rabat, Morocco, 5-9 December 2011
Deadline for Submission of the abstracts: September 25, 2011
Deadline for Submission of the papers: November 15, 2011

The growing interactions between Asian and African nations are going to contribute significantly to the shaping of the new political order in the current twenty first century. Let us not forget that leading personalities from these two continents played pioneering role in launching the Non-alignment movement that envisioned a world beyond the binary politics of the Cold War period. After fifty years of the historic Bandung Conference, the “New Asia-Africa strategic partnership” was adopted in Jakarta in 2005 at a summit attended by fifty heads of states. What are the likely impacts of such partnership? Now in 2011, we need to think critically about the likely achievements of and possible challenges to this Afro-Asian project. The 13th CODESRIA General Assembly, scheduled to be be held in Rabat, Morocco (5-9 December, 2011), will address these issues. We are seeking papers for the panel Asians in Africa: Afro-Asian Solidarity Revisited that will primarily focus on the complex interactions between states and non-state actors of the two continents. Authors are therefore encouraged to send papers on the following themes:

  1. Critical analyses on the Action Plan for the “New Asia-Africa strategic partnership”.
  2. Human Rights issues ( Asian racism, genocide, violence)
  3. Trade, Investment and development (both macro and micro)
  4. Health and Education
  5. Environment
  6. Inter-regional power politics (Indian and Chinese intervention in Africa)
  7. Peacekeeping

Papers should not exceed 6000 words (excluding footnotes). Authors should follow Chicago Style for citation. Selected papers will be published in a special issue of Identity, Culture and Politics: An Afro-Asian Dialogue. The volume will come out in January 2012.

Please send your papers to the following email address:

Professor Imtiaz Ahmed:
Professor Solofo Randrianja: