Korean studies dissertation review: “Immigration Challenges and ‘Multicultural’ Responses”

Korean Studies Dissertation Review
“Immigration Challenges and ‘Multicultural’ Responses,” by Hui-Jung Kim

It is a pleasure to announce that the new Korean Studies branch of Dissertation Reviews debuts today with Nadia Kim’s review of Hui-Jung Kim’s 2009 dissertation, “Immigration Challenges and ‘Multicultural’ Responses: The State, the Dominant Ethnie and Immigrants in South Korea.”

The review can be found at http://www.dissertationreviews.org

The second Korean Studies review will post next week on Wed, Oct 12. Please spread the word among your colleagues in the field, and let us know if you would like to contribute a review, or have your dissertation featured.


Tom Mullaney, Director
Nancy Abelmann, Korea Co-Editor
Laura Nelson, Korea Co-Editor