Anthropology of Christianity bibliographic blog

There’s a new resource being put together by James Bielo (Miami University, Ohio) and Jon Bialecki (UCSD): AnthroCyBib, the “Anthropology of Christianity Bibliographic blog.” According to an announcement on The Society for the Anthropology of Religion email list:

This ‘blog’ is intended to be a resource for those who wish to keep track of articles, book chapters, and monographs that are a part of, in dialogue with, or of interest to, the Anthropology of Christianity, which is one of the fastest growing sub-disciplines in contemporary anthropology. Because Christianity is attracting so much ethnographic and theoretical attention, keeping track of what is happening is becoming increasingly difficult. For this reason we thought it would be of value to have a single site where relevant material could be announced as it came out, and searched via several tags (author, geographic area, variant of Christianity, and theoretical focus).

In essence, this is akin to a tmblr style blog where we’ll post new material as we become aware of it. With time, we hopefully will work on creating a back catalog of material published prior to 2011 as well.

If you’d like to contact either of us directly in order to alert us to new publications, provide feedback, or for any other reason, feel free to send us an email. Jon Bialecki can be contacted at; James Bielo can be reached at