Zócalo interview about getting in trouble, dogs, comics

I recently did a short interview with Zócalo Public Square in conjunction with the online panel discussion for “How Have Women’s Protests Changed History?” Their questions were great fun (“How did you get into trouble”?!? Let me assure you, I said a lot more than what appears here) and the writers and editors did an amazing job pulling out the best bits, IMHO.

I did tell myself beforehand that I wasn’t going to complain about the sun or talk about dogs, but hey. #DogsAREgreat, what can I say?

And I got a thank you email this morning from the marketing director at Drawn and Quarterly because I mentioned them in the interview so now I can say that I am “in touch with” the coolest comics publisher I know.

Screen capture of the article with the headline, "UCLA Gender Studies Professor Ju Hui Judy Han." a featured image in which I am standing next to an old-looking doorway of a traditional Korean structure. I am standing tall, looking happy and smiling on a beautiful autumn day in Seoul, Korea.
Screen capture of the Zócalo interview. August 20, 2020.