2013 Kyujanggak Fellowship in Korean Studies

Note the deadline: 15 February 2013

Following a brief hiatus, the Kyujanggak Institute for Korean Studies (Kyujanggak) is pleased to be able to invite fellows again. Kyujanggak is well known as one of the foremost collections of historical documents and books in Korea, but it is also a very active and dynamic research institute at the heart of Seoul National University (SNU). Fellows will be expected to make an active contribution to the research community at Kyujanggak, and will enjoy access to both the Kyujanggak collections and the SNU library. They will also receive a fellowship and other benefits and are eligible to apply for housing at SNU (except junior fellows)

Three types of fellowship are available:

  • Fellowship A: for Korean Studies professionals
  • Fellowship B: basically a post-doc fellowship for researchers with a PhD degree but no tenure-track position
  • Junior fellowship: for advanced PhD students

Besides these fellowship, we also offer Kyujanggak Archives grants and visiting studentships.

Please note that the deadline for application is 15 February 2013. We apologize for the short notice. Fuller details can be found at the website of the International Center for Korean Studies (ICKS) at Kyujanggak (click on “opening for fellowship applications in 2013” under “Events”). For more information, you can also contact the IKCS coordinator at icks@snu.ac.kr