SSRC Korean Studies Workshops

Two fantastic opportunities coming up for Korean studies scholars: one for dissertation writers, and one for junior faculty. I participated in the 2008 workshop when it was first offered, and benefited tremendously from the experience. If anyone has questions about it, I’d be happy to answer — do drop me a line.

Korean Studies Dissertation Workshop
An opportunity to give and receive critical feedback on dissertations in progress
July 1 – July 5, 2013

Open for applications, next deadline is May 1st 2013.

The SSRC Korean Studies Dissertation Workshop seeks to create a sustained network of advanced graduate students and faculty by providing the opportunity to give and receive critical feedback on dissertations in progress. The workshop is open to participants from all fields in the social sciences and humanities and from institutions throughout the US and Canada. Individual students lead discussions of their projects with mentor faculty and student peers from various disciplines to receive creative and critical input on improving their fieldwork plans or writing strategies. Based on narrative project descriptions submitted as part of the application packet, participants will prepare a synthetic essay incorporating all projects, from which broader methodological and thematic discussions will be developed and incorporated into the four-day agenda.

The 2013 workshop will take place Monday, July 1 through Friday, July 5 at the Asilomar Conference Center in Monterey, California, and will involve twelve students and four faculty.

This year’s mentor faculty include Jennifer Jihye Chun (University of Toronto), Robert Oppenheim (University of Texas at Austin), Serk-Bae Suh (University of California at Irvine) andJun Yoo (University of Hawaii at Manoa).

The workshop welcomes applications from students who have not yet begun fieldwork, who are currently in the field, and those who are in the process of writing their dissertations. In most cases, the SSRC will fully cover participants’ travel, lodging and meals for the duration of the workshop. Limited funds are available for participants traveling from outside the United States. Funding for the program is provided by the Korea Foundation.

Korean Studies Workshop for Junior Faculty
An opportunity to give and receive critical feedback on books in progress
July 4 – July 7, 2013

Open for applications, next deadline is April 30th 2013.

The Social Science Research Council is pleased to announce the Korean Studies Junior Faculty Workshop. Six recent PhDs conducting research on Korea will be selected on the basis of the potential contribution of their proposed book. Fellows will attend a two-day workshop and collaborate with two senior faculty and a developmental editor on the conceptualization and planning of a dissertation-based scholarly monograph. Funding for the workshop is provided by the Korea Foundation.

This year’s mentor faculty are Nancy Abelmann (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champagn) andNicole Constable (University of Pittsburgh). They will be joined by Reed Malcolm (UC Press) and developmental editor Maria Gillombardo.