Korean literature translation workshop, June 2013

The 6th International Korean Literature Translation Workshop

Seoul National University, 3-7 June 2013

Seoul National University and The University of British Columbia, with support from the International Communications Foundation, is proud to host the 6th International Translation Workshop. This year’s workshop will take place on the campus of Seoul National University, and will host prominent writer Kim Aeran, as well as scholars and translators of Korean literature.

The Translation Workshop is committed to encouraging translators of Korean literature to workshop their translations in a supportive environment, placing emphasis on group dynamics and cooperation among students and mentors. The schedule includes group workshop sessions, pair work with Seoul National University students, lectures about translation theory and Korean literature, and guest appearances by a prominent Korean authors.

Accommodations and Flights

Participants will receive free accommodations for the duration of the workshop. Round-trip airfare will be reimbursed up to 900$ for participants from overseas.


The 2013 workshop theme is “Young Works by Young Writers”, and will focus on writers born after 1980 who debuted in the new millennium. A number of texts have been preselected for the purposes of the workshop.

Application Process

Email the organizer (Dr. Dafna Zur: zur.dafna AT gmail.com) no later than 15 April 2013 with the following information:

  1. Your name and affiliated institution;
  2. The title of the piece of your choice (see list below) **Please contact Dr. Zur (zur.dafna AT gmail.com) if you do not have access to the work of your choice, and a scan will be emailed to you.
  3. A short paragraph of how translation of Korean literature fits into the larger context of your academic and/or creative work.


  1. The deadline for the initial email with the above information is 15 April 2013. At this time, applicants will be informed if their choice of work is already taken. The sooner applicants email their first choice, the likelier the chance they will translate what they wish;
  2. Once their choice is approved, applicants will be asked to submit two pages of translation for the initial screening to be submitted by 25 April 2013;
  3. Successful applicants will be informed no later than 30 April 2013;
  4. Successful applicants will be expected to submit their completed working drafts by 26 May 2013.

Suggested List of Works (updated on 10 April)

  1. 김애란, “그곳의 밤 여기에 노래”—taken
  2. 김애란, “물속 골리앗”
  3. 김애란, “하루의 축”
  4. 김사과, “정오의 산책”
  5. 박솔뫼, “안해”
  6. 손보미, “폭우”—taken
  7. 손보미, “대관람차”
  8. 윤고은, “1 인용 식탁”
  9. 윤고은, “Q”
  10. 안보윤, “다만 허공”
  11. 안보윤, “비교적 안녕한 덩신의 하루”
  12. 염승숙, “노래하는 밤 아무도”
  13. 염승숙, “래인스틱”
  14. 이영훈, “모두가 소녀시대를 좋아해”
  15. 이영훈, “찰리”
  16. 정응준 “영원한 정오”
  17. 정응준 “위대한 응사에게”
  18. 최진영, “자칫”
  19. 최진영, “어디쯤”