a new queer Koreans and allies project

This is from a friend in Korea working on a bilingual website to provide support and resources for queer Koreans and allies. Especially given the recent Christian opposition to anti-deimiscrimination legislation in Korea, it’s certainly a timely and important project to support. It’s called Queer Koreans Alliance — please take a moment to sign up as an ally.

We are an alliance of organizations devoted to supporting lesbians, gays, bisexuals, transgender, and queer people (LGBTQ) in Korea and Korean American communities. Due to the conservative nature of Korean culture, especially within Christian circles, many LGBTQ have felt excluded and alone, often finding themselves depressed, some to the point of suicide.

To counteract these negative forces, we have developed a bilingual website that would provide readings on key topics, especially on the issue of Christianity and sexuality, and a list of allies, organizations, and resources. We want to provide information to help the Korean and Korean-American LGBTQ find hope and a home, a community in which they can feel accepted, encouraged, and supported.

The website will open in June, 2013. In order to make this project a reality, we need everyone (straight or queer, Korean or non-Korean) who affirms the dignity and advocates for the rights of the Korean LGBTQ to sign up as an ally and write quotations that would give hope to many who have become discouraged and disillusioned. The list of allies will be private (available only to people who sign up as members) while the quotations will be public.

Please click here to sign-up: http://www.queerkoreans.org/signup.

And if you know anyone who would like to sign-up, please forward this message. Thank you for your participation.


Queer Koreans Alliance

Christian Solidarity for a World Without Discrimination (http://cafe.naver.com/equalchrist)
Solidarity for LGBT Human Rights of Korea (http://www.lgbtpride.or.kr)
Sumdol Presbyterian Church (http://www.sumdol.org)
Open Doors Community Church (http://www.opendoorskorea.org)
Dari Project (http://www.dariproject.org)
Asian Women Center