[CFP] The Study of Religion. NEH Summer Seminar

The Study of Religion. NEH Summer Seminar

The Study of Religion (thestudyofreligion.org), a 2011 NEH Summer Seminar at the University of Virginia, is accepting applications from scholars with an abiding concern for promoting intellectually rigorous teaching and scholarship about religion. The seminar, which will meet from July 11-29, will ask questions about religion with a group of professors and several graduate students from the many disciplines that have a stake in understanding religion, for the purpose of coming to terms with the manifold changes in the study of religion that have occurred over the past two decades. Participants will receive a $2,700 stipend for the seminar.

Scholars across the humanities increasingly turn to religious themes, issues, and concepts as provoking questions and lines of inquiry that are of real and abiding import. While many scholars recognize the importance of studying religion, they lack the best tools available for doing so. This seminar introduces scholars, within religious studies and without, to both the history and the enormously productive developments surrounding the idea of “religion”, in order to understand highly diverse manifestations of human practice and belief around the world today. For more information, visit http://thestudyofreligion.org or email: thestudyofreligion@virginia.edu.