Why immigrant kids become homeless: a Toronto study

“According to a groundbreaking Toronto study to be released Tuesday, intergenerational conflict over cultural differences is the most common reason immigrant youth end up homeless — followed by family disapproval of the young person’s sexual orientation.


“It is more than the adolescent tension between parents wanting kids to live the lives they had and the new generation wanting to push forward. That tension is magnified in newcomer families.”

One-third of Canada’s 65,000 homeless population are youths, and of those, nearly one-quarter were born outside Canada. The study’s definition of homelessness include those staying outside, staying in a shelter or transitional housing, having no fixed address, “couch-surfing” or staying at a friend’s or family’s home.”

Why immigrant kids become homeless: study finds cultural clash with parents is the top reason

Groundbreaking study says strife over Canadian culture versus tradition, as well as disapproval over sexual orientation, are the top reasons newcomer youth become homeless.