Writing Queer Geo/politics

Munhwa/Kwahak 83I’m both very honoured and a little embarrassed to see this article published in Munhwa/Gwahak, a well-regarded cultural politics journal in South Korea. It was one of the most difficult things I’ve ever written, in part because I wrote it in Korean (but with help!) and also because it’s political and deeply personal in all kinds of complicated and uncomfortable ways. More about this later.

한주희. 2015. “퀴어 정치와 퀴어 지정학.” 문화/과학 83: 62-81. [Han, Ju Hui Judy. 2015. “Queer Politics and Queer Geopolitics.” Munhwa/Kwahak 83: 62-81. Download Link (links to a copy on Academia.edu for now)

Higher-resolution images included in the article:

CDSRA Ad 1999-12-14 (PDF)

KACR Ad 2000-01-18 (PDF)

KACR Ad (Detail)