Doreen Massey, 1944-2016

Sad news. Feminist geographer Doreen Massey has passed away.

As many of you will have heard, Doreen died on Friday 11 March. This is very sad, sudden and shocking news. All of you, we’re sure, will join with us in conveying our thoughts and sympathy to Doreen’s family.

Doreen was a true intellectual force in Geography and the wider academic community not just in Britain but across the globe, as you are all too aware. Her loss will be felt by us as Department, for we had the privilege of knowing her personally, and by the University, to which she was truly and wholly committed. Doreen’s passing will also be a profound loss to all those who were inspired by her work, which was always stimulating, not least because it was sharpened by her keen sense political purpose and commitment.

The University will making a more formal announcement on Monday.

Michael Pryke
Head of Department

Parvati Raghuram
Director of OpenSpace

Faculty of Social Sciences
The Open University

Source: Doreen Massey, 1944-2016 – Open University (March 12, 2016)