[CFP] Conference on Korean Religions in Inter-Cultural and Global Contexts, May 2011


International Conference on
‘Korean Religions in Inter-Cultural and Global Contexts’

20-21 May 2011 / Sogang University, Seoul

Over the last couple of decades, much has been written about how the politics, economy, and popular culture of Korea have been affected by globalization, both in terms of what Korea has absorbed and what Korea has influenced to the rest of the world. Little, however, has been written about the religious culture of the Korean people in the light of globalization. This conference is intended to fill that gap by bringing together scholars from Korea and abroad to discuss the historical and socio-cultural impact of globalization on Korean religions, and also the religious ideas and practices of Korean people in global and inter-cultural contexts.

Specific important issues we hope to discuss at this conference include:

  • How have encounters with other religions and cultures influenced Korean religions?
  • What are the cultural characteristics of Korean diaspora religions abroad and also the ethnic diaspora religions within Korea?
  • How does the culture of religious pluralism influence Korean modernity and democracy?
  • What are the current problems in religious dialogues and conflicts in Korea?
  • What is the impact of historical and cultural experiences of the Korean War and the Cold War on Korean religions?
  • How do Korean religions cope with neo-liberal economic policies and global economic crises?

Papers (either in Korean or English) dealing with above issues or any other aspects of Korean religions in inter-cultural and global contexts are welcome. Excellent papers may be considered for publication in the Journal of Korean Religions.

There is no registration fee. Accommodation will be provided for presenters from abroad and meals will be provided for all participants (but there is no assistance for travel expenses). There is a small honorarium for those who present their paper.
Application including an abstract (up to 300 words) should be submitted to journalkr@sogang.ac.kr by 15 April 2011 (there is an application form consisting of name, institutional affiliation, postal address, email address, paper title, and a 300-word abstarct).

Application will be reviewed and selected papers will be notified by 25 April 2011.

The conference is organized by the Institute for the Study of Religion at Sogang University and supported by the Korean Association for Religious Studies.

2 comments on “[CFP] Conference on Korean Religions in Inter-Cultural and Global Contexts, May 2011

  1. Gert Marincowitz 30 Mar 2011 1:55 am


    Do you know whether there is a direct confererence link, e.g. on Sogang University’s website?


    • judy 30 Mar 2011 3:42 pm

      I’m afraid not. The email announcement came from Dr Chang-Won Park, Managing Editor of the Journal of Korean Religions, which seems to be housed at the Institute for the Study of Religion (Dasan Hall 606B). Maybe you can look for that on Sogang’s site. Or ask via email journalkr@sogang.ac.kr. Good luck!

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