Financial support for MA students in Korean Studies at Leiden University

Financial support for MA students in Korean Studies at Leiden University

Thanks to a generous grant from the Academy of Korean Studies, which has selected Leiden University as a central institution for the study of Korea in Europe, in the academic year 2011-2012 some financial support will be available again for a limited number of students who intend to obtain a MA degree in Korean Studies.

Support equal to the fee for one year will be available to two students from the European Union, Switzerland or Surinam who possess qualifications equivalent to a basic training in Korean Studies (BA) or equivalent knowledge of Korea and the Korean language.

The Leiden MA degree in Korean Studies aims to provide fresh perspectives to the study of Korean history and culture, breaking down distinctions between modern and pre-modern and between high culture and low culture, while at the same time developing the language skills needed for such study. In accordance with the research project “History as Social Process” the MA programme will be focused on the complex interactions between historiography and various forms of culture, including literature, film, tv drama and digital media. Leiden University has been designated as a “hub-library” by the Korean Film Council and consequently possesses ample resources for the use of film for such purposes. The research project also devotes attention to the role of religions in Korean history and society. One part of the project is the publication of the online journal Korean Histories, the first issue of which was published in December 2009. (

For students with sufficient language skills (equivalent to those of graduates of at least the sixth level of the language courses of Korean universities) the MA programme lasts one year. Students who have not yet achieved this level are expected to study an additional year in Korea (in the second semester of the first year and the first semester of the second year) within the framework of exchange agreements concluded between Leiden University and a number of prominent Korean universities.

The deadline for applications for the MA programme by students from abroad is 1 April 2011, but there is some flexibility in this regard.

Students from a number of European countries may receive additional support from their home country. For an overview of grant options please consult

Inquiries should be directed to the Deputy Director of programme, Dr.
Remco Breuker: