Application Summer Institute on military occupation, Cornell University

Looks like an interesting & timely theme for sure. “Preoccupation with occupation in its multiple forms is spreading. The theme of the Third Annual Summer Institute at Cornell University is military occupation and its civilian society relatives. Military occupation refers to temporary control of territory by a conquering nation. Such occupation at times continues open-endedly as post-war governance: 11 of 42 military occupations since the end of World War II continue today.”… more

CFP: Transgender Studies Quarterly: The Translation Issue

Special Issue on Translating Transgender, due March 1, 2015 for publication in Spring 2016. Few primary and secondary texts about transgender lives and ideas have been translated from language to language in any formal way over the centuries. Meanwhile, transgender, gender variant, and gender non-confirming people have often been exiles, translators, language mediators, and multilinguals in greater numbers and intensities historically than their cisgender counterparts have. … more

CFP: Sport in Asian America

“From basketball leagues in the San Francisco Chinatown of the 1930s and 1940s to Michael Chang and Jeremy Lin, sport has always been an important site for understanding Asian American life. This special issue of Amerasia Journal focuses on how various forces—transnational processes, the contemporary era of globalization, histories of colonialism and imperialism, and U.S. domestic history—have shaped the cultural politics of sport in Asian America.”… more

CFP: Serialization in Asia, University of Washington

The Center for Korean Studies at the University of Washington invites paper proposals for “Serialization in Asia” to open up interdisciplinary and interregional discussions on the creation and consumption of cultural products in serialized form. Beginning most prominently in the nineteenth century, seriality emerged as one of the core components of cultural productions in many fields, and it continues to become an ever more powerful mechanism in the twenty-first century, ubiquitous in fields as diverse as literature, radio, film, TV, comic books, games, and various web-based formats.… more