Conference: Everyday Coloniality, Hanyang University, Korea

An interesting 2-day conference coming up at Hanyang University in Seoul.


Everyday Coloniality: Migration, Ego-documents, Visuality

10.28 (Fri) – 10.29 (Sat), 2011
Hanyang University, Graduate School 7th Floor, Seoul

Fri 10.28
Moderators: Kayoung MIN (RICH), Cheehyung KIM (RICH)

1000-1005 Welcoming Remark
– YUN Haedong (RICH)

1005-1010 Introduction of Eve Rosenhaft  
– Alf LÃœDTKE (Hanyang / U Erfurt, Germany)

1010-1115 Keynote Address
Everywhere Coloniality: Reflections on Some Family Histories
– Eve ROSENHAFT (U Liverpool, UK)

1115-1215 [Panel 1.] Migration and Transnational History

On Minor Transnationalism and Everyday Coloniality in China and Japan: Artists Suk Hee Man (1932-2002) and Jun Chae (1926 – )
– Hijoo SON (Sogang U)

On Transnational Subalterneity
– Hyun Ok PARK (York U, Canada)

1430-1530 [Panel 2.] Migrant Work in South Korea Today

(Neo)colonial Legacies, Racism, and Migrant Workers in South Korea
– Wol-san LIEM (Research Institute for Alternative Workers’ Movements)

On Migrant Work and Labor Law
– Michel CATUIRA (President, Migrants’ Trade Union)

1645-1830 Multimedia Presentation

In the Land of the Morning Calm (1925) by Archabbot Norbert Weber
Sat 10.29
Moderators: Sangrok LEE (National Institute of Korean History), Myoung-hoon SHIN

1000-1130 [Panel 3.] Ego-Documents: Memoirs, Diaries

I will trouble you no more: the culture of ideological conversion in postwar North Korea, as seen through a memoir of a labor hero
– Cheehyung KIM (RICH)

Discovering” Everyday Coloniality in Taiwan: Utsumi ChÅ«ji’s “Everyday Life,” a Study of His Diary
– Hui-yu Caroline T’SAI (Academica Sinica, Taiwan)

1330-1430  [Panel 4.1] Visuality: Film and Photography, Part 1

Strategies of the (Re)Production of Everyday Life in Manchukuo through and in Film
– YUKAWA Shiro (U Bonn, Germany)

How to be Human, Good, and Civilized: Everyday Modernity in the Crevices (a Study of Movie Ads for the 15 Lost Local Films Produced in Hong Kong, 1934)
– Linda LAI (City University Hong Kong)

1545-1645 [Panel 4.2] Visuality: Film and Photography, Part 2

Going Native or Don’t Forget Your Mission! Archabbot Norbert Weber’s View on Colonial Korea: Films, Photographs, Artifacts and Texts
– You Jae LEE (U Tübingen, Germany)

Photographs, Scrapbooks, Account Books: How to Use Visual and Textual Fragments in the Interpretation of People’s Everyday?

1800 Wrap-Up Discussion

The Transnational History of Everyday Life Team
Research Institute of Comparative History and Culture (RICH)
Hanyang University

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Organized by the WCU Alltagsgeschichte Transnational Team at Hanyang University’s Research Institute of Comparative History and Culture (RICH) Funded by the World Class University (WCU) Program of National Research Foundation of Korea