Conference: World Wide Asia: Asian Flows, Global Impacts

IIAS Summer Programme in Asian Studies
“World Wide Asia: Asian Flows, Global Impacts”

A four-day master class followed by a two-day international conference, Leiden, the Netherlands
27 August-1 September 2012

Deadline for applications: 16 November 2011, 9.00 am (CET)

The second IIAS Summer Programme in Asian Studies will partner with the Leiden Global Interactions Research Group (LGIG) at Leiden University to critically explore Asian migrations as a globalizing force. The flows of people, goods, capital and ideas within and from the Asian continents have been transforming the global landscape for centuries. Arguably, this influence has become more recognizable and acute in the present day.

The study of Asian mobilities can provide important insights into the conditions, processes and effects of globalization and historical global forms. In order to gain a nuanced understanding of Asia’s role in the transformation of the global, the workshop and conference will focus on exploring the social, historical, political and economic conditions that give rise to particular forms of Asian migration and the diverse impacts they have in various local and global arenas. This master class seeks to cultivate Asian perspectives on historical and contemporary forms of migration and their impact on shaping global-local landscapes, practices, relationships and structures.

The programme invites applications from PhD candidates and advanced research master’s students whose work deals with some aspect of Asian migration.

Students from Asia and non-European/Atlantic institutions are especially encouraged to apply.

The programme will be run by three leading scholars in the fields of global migration history, the history of globalization, and modern Asian history: Prof. Leo Lucassen (Leiden University), Prof. Adam McKeown (Columbia University) and Prof. Radhika Singha (Jawaharlal Nehru University), respectively.

These scholars will combine their expertise to provide participants with an intensive and interactive experience. The master class will focus on student works. Students will, therefore, be expected to provide a working research paper and will have the opportunity to present their work and get productive critical feedback from the conveners and their student peers.

The programme will close with a two-day conference on the same theme of Asian Migrations, featuring international scholars. Summer Programme participants will be given opportunities to meet and interact with the conference panelists and a select number of students may be invited to present their research in one of the conference sessions. All students will be invited to attend the conference and participate in the discussions.

Information and Application form:
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