The Third International Symposium on Korean Adoption Studies, 2013

International Adoption from Korea and Overseas Adopted Koreans: The Third International Symposium on Korean Adoption Studies Call for Papers
Symposium Date: Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Planned location: IKAA Korean Adoptee Gathering, Seoul, Korea. For more information about the Gathering, see

Symposium Sponsor: IKAA (International Korean Adoptee Associations). For more information about IKAA, see

Submissions Due by: December 6, 2012
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Questions? Contact Kim Park Nelson,

If selected, your conference paper will be due June 15, 2013. Submission of a complete conference paper by the due date is a requirement for participation in the Symposium. You may also be invited to participate in a research panel at the Gathering the week following the Symposium.

The International Korean Adoptee Associations (IKAA) plans to convene the Third
International Symposium on Korean Adoption Studies as part of the 2013 Korean Adoptee Gathering.

The field of Korean adoption studies is specifically concerned with international adoption from Korea, as well as with overseas adopted Koreans. It has recently emerged as an area of study both in Korea, the country of origin, and in the Western receiving countries to which Korean children have been sent for adoption. This symposium will bring together scholars from around the world who are conducting research in the field of Korean adoption studies. These scholars are working at the multidisciplinary intersections of Asian and Korean studies, postcolonial and cultural studies, and social and behavioural sciences. Their work is also engaged with issues of race and ethnicity, migration and diaspora, gender and family, and globalization and transnationalism.

This day long and multidisciplinary symposium will take place in Seoul, South Korea, and will be comprised of paper presentations and open discussions. We hope the symposium will continue to lay the foundation for creating an academic network in the field and for future symposiums.

Themes and Topics
We welcome submissions from any academic background or perspective, and especially welcome work with multi-or interdisciplinary perspectives. Suggested topics include (but are not limited to):

Research related to the theme of the 2013 IKAA Gathering of Korean Adoptees, The
Power of Networking: Crossing Borders and Bridging Cultures Links in adoption policy, history, ideology and/or adoption cultures between South Korea and other sending nations (such as China, currently the largest sending nation, and Ethiopia and/or other African countries which are the newest sending countries, rising in popularity)

Ethics and positionality in Korean adoption research, imagining and researching
adoption, including methodologies, disciplines and the politics of criticism
The lifelong processes of Korean adoptee identity: Genealogies, long-term mental
health issues in Korean adoptee populations, intimacy, sexuality, and family
formation Korean adoption aesthetics, representation and affectivity Korean adoptee experiences in the context of the larger Korean diaspora

Please contact Kim Park Nelson for further information and for guidelines for submission.