“The need to work for peace on the Korean peninsula” – link

No nonsense analysis and timely reframing of the ongoing US-North Korea “crisis” by Martin Hart-Landsberg. Required background reading for all Korea-related discussions from this point on. Read the full post.

The Need To Work For Peace On The Korean Peninsula
Reports from the Economic Front  (blog by Martin Hart-Landsberg)

“The Obama administration has adopted what it has called the doctrine of ‘strategic patience’ in dealing with North Korea. But as made clear from above, in reality the U.S. has continued to pursue an aggressive policy towards North Korea, motivated by the hope that the regime will collapse and Korean reunification will be achieved by the South’s absorption of the North, much like the German experience.

The consequence of this policy is ever worsening economic conditions in the North; continuing military buildup in the United States, Japan, China, and both North and South Korea; a strengthening of right-wing forces in South Korea and Japan; and the growing threat of a new war on the Korean peninsula. There are powerful interests in Japan, South Korea, and the United States that are eager to further militarize their respective domestic and foreign policies, even at the risk of war. Tragically, their pursuit of this goal comes at great cost to majorities in all the countries concerned, even if war is averted.”