한겨레: 정치인들은 왜 ‘영남 불교도’와 ‘강남 크리스천’에 쩔쩔매는가

Kang In-cheol, the renowned scholar of religion and politics in Korea has just published the latest of his 5-volume series. Certainly a must read for any student of contemporary religion in Korea.… more

Thriving in academia, “living in the middle”

There are moments when you wrestle with terrible self doubt and realize that mistakes have been made — and if you are fortunate, they are balanced out by the moments in which you get to look around you and compliment yourself for a job well done. That sensation also usually does not last, in my experience, and a great deal of life is lived in the middle. It is the business of making life in the middle worthwhile that matters most, I think.… more