Reacting to the Past

I found out about this through an email announcing a Korean studies module currently in development: “Korea at the Crossroads of Civilizations: Confucianism, Westernization, and the 1894 Kabo Reforms.” It’s part of a much larger project called Reacting to the Past.

I haven’t checked it out, but it seems like there are instructor’s manuals and curriculum materials available for download, as well as discussion boards to share thoughts and new course materials with the “entire Reacting community.” I wonder if I can incorporate some of this in my teaching.

The “Reacting to the Past” (RTTP) consortium, a group of 40 colleges and universities that have developed the RTTP pedagogy, invites other institutions to join them.

“Reacting to the Past” (RTTP) consists of elaborate games, set in the past, in which students are assigned roles informed by classic texts in the history of ideas. Class sessions are run entirely by students; instructors advise and guide students and grade their oral and written work. It seeks to draw students into the past, promote engagement with big ideas, and improve intellectual and academic skills.